Sound Instrument Bazaar

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Want to set yourself apart from every Gong on the planet? Now here's your chance to have one of the most unique Gongs available today. This is a special order, takes about 4 months to make and ship. Hand forged bronze, hand hammered, hand tuned to any note within 5 cents of concert pitch, and the face is hand carved with the story of the Buddha on the lotus petals. A Masterpiece to see, and the sound is pitch perfect. We have had 5 different notes made for customers at this point, tell us the note or notes you want, and we'll price it out, including shipping to your door. Email for details.

Burma Nepal Gong.jpg

Hand Forged, Hand Hammered, and Hand Tuned Bronze. These Gongs are stellar for live sound healing performances or private sound therapy session work. They are within 5 cents of concert pitch. The Gong pictured is the note B in the first octave and the Gong is about 35" in diameter. This is a special order item direct from Burma and takes 30 to 45 days to make and ship, Take your 'gong bath' or live performance to a totally different level by introducing 'rhythm' to the mix. These Gongs are also available in G1 (30Hz), A1, and can be married into 5th harmonic sets. B1 with F# or C and G for example. Feedback from people using these unique Sound Therapy Gongs ranges from 'amazing to unbelievable.' We order these 3 at a time, to keep pricing and shipping respectable. The large Gongs are only made during the cooler months of the year.

Email for pricing details.

* A note regarding the sound files below, you require a good sound system. Internal computer speakers are not adequate enough to handle the complex textures of these gongs.


A rare 1% Singing Bowl, late Malla Period to early Shah period. A Nepal family heirloom, rarely ever seen outside the Himalayas. 13.25" wide by 6.25 inches deep. Incredible, long gentle sound decay, with OM like pulsation. They are called 1%, because only 1% of them are ever seen or exported. Beyond rare, Pricing reflects rarity, museum quality.

Note: Our Singing Bowls come direct from Nepalese collectors, NOT shops. You will not find these bowls in the myriad of bowl stalls in Kathmandu. Some people call them 'master quality' or some such name, insinuating that they hand picked them out of piles etc.(everyone picks from piles so what is new?) This is a simple sales gimmick, and marketing tool invented in the West. These bowls are sourced and authenticated by someone who has been researching them for 45 years to insure honesty and integrity (no one in North America has been studying them this long, you can check this fact yourself). A word about sound files: internet sound files are misleading. Unless your playing the bowl with the same...

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For those of you working within the praxis of Chakras, we can have sets produced at tuning references of 432Hz or 440Hz. The sets are hand forged, and hand hammered and tuned in the mountains of Nepal. Shipped Direct from Kathmandu to your door, no middleman. This is a unique service we offer to Sound Therapists. Email for pricing and shipping details.


Hand turned, hand felted and sown. Made in the USA. Our Aspen wands are sourced in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, no live trees are harmed. Mallets can be custom color ordered. Email for prices and details.


These bowls are marketed under various names in the West, today you see them sold as Naga or pedestal bowls. The common name among the Nepalese is 'stem' or 'butt', the later insinuating that it rests on it's backside. Their shape influences their sound nature. Sound workers have been using these bowls for decades as 'scanners' on the biofield of the human body. Turning the bowl upside down, and gently tapping it consistently, allows the therapist to 'dowse' the koshas and to discover irregularities. You simply grip the 'base' of the bowl and turn it over. Finding very small one's are a challenge, because one needs a small easy to hold bowl. Last year one of our 'scouts' combed the Himalayas and brought back a small collection of genuine antiques we could offer to Sound Therapists. Email for pricing.

Rare Collection.jpg

Private collection of 14 antique bowls comprised of rare Linghams, unique shapes and designs rarely seen today. In this collection is a rare antique Lingham weighing 3.4 kgs. The smallest bowl is 6 inches with many in the 7-9 inch size, which are thick walled Thadobhati's. These were collected by one of Kathmandu's oldest collectors and represents some of the rarest bowls he ever encountered. Comprised of 16th to 18th century bowls, some with inscriptions, but representing some of the finest Nepalese craftsmanship. The collection is considered a 'masterpiece', all museum quality, long pulsing sustains, and represent some of the finest antiques still left in the Himalayas. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some of the rarest Singing Bowls around. The collection is presently in Nepal and will be shipped direct from the Himalayan Kingdom to your doorstep. Email for pricing.


This bowl was picked up during some field work in Nepal about 2 decades ago. Marked or notched on the upper lip with the 4 Directions, this singing bowl is nearly 11 inches. Based upon the field notes regarding this bowl, it came from the family of a Tamang shaman. The Tamang are one of the ethnic groups in Nepal that have ties to the Tibetans. Originally believed to have been brought into Nepal as the horse soldiers of a Tibetan King's military campaign into Nepal long ago. The horse soldiers stayed behind and became one of Nepal's largest ethnic groups. Tuning reference @ 432, this bowl pulses between Bb and A, finally resting on A. Email for pricing.