Himalayan Small 'Stem' Bowls

These bowls are marketed under various names in the West, today you see them sold as Naga or pedestal bowls. The common name among the Nepalese is 'stem' or 'butt', the later insinuating that it rests on it's backside. Their shape influences their sound nature. Sound workers have been using these bowls for decades as 'scanners' on the biofield of the human body. Turning the bowl upside down, and gently tapping it consistently, allows the therapist to 'dowse' the koshas and to discover irregularities. You simply grip the 'base' of the bowl and turn it over. Finding very small one's are a challenge, because one needs a small easy to hold bowl. Last year one of our 'scouts' combed the Himalayas and brought back a small collection of genuine antiques we could offer to Sound Therapists. Email for pricing.

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