Burmese Sound Therapy Gong

Want to set yourself apart from every Gong on the planet? Now here's your chance to have one of the most unique Gongs available today. This is a special order, takes about 4 months to make and ship. Hand forged bronze, hand hammered, hand tuned to any note within 5 cents of concert pitch, and the face is hand carved with the story of the Buddha on the lotus petals. A Masterpiece to see, and the sound is pitch perfect. We have had 5 different notes made for customers at this point, tell us the note or notes you want, and we'll price it out, including shipping to your door. Email for details.

Burma Petals 1.jpg

It takes 2 months to carve

Burma Petal 2.jpg
DSC_6341 copy.jpg

We have gone to great lengths to bring one of the most unique Gongs to the field of Sound Therapy. It's not the size of a Gong that matters, but the sound. These Gongs are not only a sight to behold, but people will never forget the sound.