Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl

A rare 1% Singing Bowl, late Malla Period to early Shah period. A Nepal family heirloom, rarely ever seen outside the Himalayas. 13.25" wide by 6.25 inches deep. Incredible, long gentle sound decay, with OM like pulsation. They are called 1%, because only 1% of them are ever seen or exported. Beyond rare, Pricing reflects rarity, museum quality.

Note: Our Singing Bowls come direct from Nepalese collectors, NOT shops. You will not find these bowls in the myriad of bowl stalls in Kathmandu. Some people call them 'master quality' or some such name, insinuating that they hand picked them out of piles etc.(everyone picks from piles so what is new?) This is a simple sales gimmick, and marketing tool invented in the West. These bowls are sourced and authenticated by someone who has been researching them for 45 years to insure honesty and integrity (no one in North America has been studying them this long, you can check this fact yourself). A word about sound files: internet sound files are misleading. Unless your playing the bowl with the same implement the same way, your going to make the bowl sound differently than the file. Many recordings are poorly done, or enhanced, your best judge is YOUR ear and heart, period. Beware of flashy and sparkly websites making promises they can't keep. Offering discounts or slashing prices online is like buying from a used care salesman. Email for pricing, connect direct to our in-house expert.