Shaman Phurba 3

Genuine antique ritual dagger from Nepal. The dagger represents the three worlds, three times and three emotional states (happy, somber and sad). Found in different forms and iconographic representations, they are used in healing, grounding, protection and creating harmony. The Phurba is the 'axis mundi' for the Himalayan shamanic groups, where in Buddhism the 'dagger' is viewed as the 'soul hero' or a 'stake' to pin down energy (used in weather control and many other rituals), the Nepalese shaman puts these to use in 'cintas', healing rituals; or to 'pick' the illness out of someone's body. Email for pricing.


The top or 'upper world' of this phurba has a Naga emerging from it. In some circles this would be referred to as a 'Naga Phurba'. In Tibetan medicine there is a classification of illnesses or diseases associated with Nagas in the medical texts themselves. Cancer is a disease associated as a Naga illness for example.


The Makara, and on this Phurba, the shaman is depicted as the Makara grabbing the snakes by the neck which adorn the 'lower world' or blades of the dagger. This significance of this, is that the shaman has control of the spirits of the earth. A note about the Makara in relation to the Nepalese culture is that it is seen as strength and tenacity.

Our in-house authority on Phurbas is one of the few North American's who has been initiated and empowered in Dorje Phurba practice by a very high Lama in the Nyingmapa Sect from Amdo. His experience living among the Jankhri and Tamang shaman groups in Nepal provides academic credibility.