24K Gold Kubera Thangka

KUBERA or Kupera, Zambala, Jambalha, or Dzambalha is the Wealth Gathering deity. He brings wealth, happiness, and spirituality; and holds in his left hand, Nehulay which spews forth precious jewels from its mouth, while his right hand is holding gems shaped fruit and leaf of lotus. In Hindu circles he is more known as Kubera, and in Buddhist circles he is an emanation of Buddha Ratnasambhava. It's not unusual to see him painted with attributes of both Hinduism and Buddhism in play. Generally when painted with the jewel spitting mongoose in hand he is called Kubera or Kupera, and without the mongoose he is Zambala etc. If your having money issues or need more prosperity, happiness, fortune in your life, maybe changing the energy in your office or treatment space is what is in order. This thangka is not brocaded. Email for pricing and details.


Nehulay the Jewel Spitting Mongoose