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Peruvian Shamanic Whistling Vessels - set of 8

This set was commissioned with Don Wright, who apprenticed with Daniel Statnekov after a meeting between the two at Boston University. Don is pretty much the caretaker of making the vessels nowadays out of his studio in New Mexico. This set contains 2 each of 4 different figures, one in white, the other brown. Originally made for a very well known Sound Researcher, and passed to another about 12 years ago. This set was well taken care of and respected. Perfect as a teaching tool, or for group shamanic work. Email for pricing (only sold as a set) and further details about the set.

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Known as 'huaca' meaning something 'sacred' or 'holy' in Quechua, it denotes that the object is used in rituals or ceremonies. It can also mean the 'state' after death.

The set consists of the parrot, water, lizard, and shaman figures. It's not unusual to wait months for a set to be made. Here's an opportunity to obtain one of Don's sets right now.