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Peruvian Shamanic Whistling Vessels - set of 7

This was a custom order with Daniel Statnekov, author of Animated Earth, and the creator of this wonderful set. Capable of inducing an extraordinary experience. Tuned to create binaural beats. These sets are very hard to come by, and they have become real collector pieces. Perfect as a teaching tool, or for group shamanic work. Email for pricing (only sold as a set) and further details about the set.

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The set is made up of 7 shamans. This figure was identified by Daniel Statnekov as the figure of an Incan Shaman, his clasped hands tell the story.

Known as 'huaca' meaning something 'sacred'or 'holy' in Quechua, it denotes that the object is used in rituals or ceremonies. It can also mean the 'state' after death.