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Himalayan Singing Bowls • Solfeggio Set

8 Singing Bowls, handmade and hand tuned from re-purposed broken antiques. This set was made under the direction of a metalurgist and a musicologist in Nepal. Genuine 18th to 20th century bowls that were cracked, were reused to cast this unique set, preserving the old alloy mixture. The largest bowl is 15" and the set is a combination of Jambhati and Thadobhati style singing bowls. The original Solfeggio scale was developed by a Benedictine monk, Guido d'Arezzo (c. 991 AD – c. 1050 AD), and our familiarity to this scale is Gregorian Chants. Whats noteworthy about this set in respect to Sound Therapy is that this scale can be useful for grief resolution, end of life situations, or connecting to the divine because of it's association to western music. The set will stack inside each other into 2 groups which makes it easy to transport. Interested parties should email for pricing and shipping information.

Solfeggio 700pix.jpeg